VIE 25 DE SEPTIEMBRE DE 2020 - 16:31hs.
Djary Veiga, CEO of Go Gaming

"eSports will become the second largest sport in Brazil soon"

GMB is getting to know the teams that make eSports happen in Brazil, and the first one is Djary Veiga, CEO of Go Gaming, the holding company that manages the Rensga Esports and Orbi Gaming teams. He talks about the trajectory of his teams; projects a great future for the modality considering that it may become the second sport in the country, and states that games and electronic sports together will benefit both markets.

GMB - Tell us a little about the trajectory of Rensga Esports, in which competitions it participates, its biggest achievements and the growth plans?
Djary Veiga -
We participated in the last split of the Challenging Circuit, which is the division of access to the Brazilian League of Legends championship. Our goal is to be the largest eSports team in Brazil, show the strength of Goiás to the rest of the country and turn the Midwest into a hub for electronic sports.
Since early November we have had a side open to LoL teams. We want to give opportunity to athletes from all over Brazil and with special attention to goianos (locals from Goias). Still in 2019 we will announce new modalities for Rensga and next year we will make a big expansion plan to other games.

How have you observed the growth of eSports in Brazil and what do you project for the future of gaming teams?
eSports are growing at a fast pace. The young Brazilian is a fan of electronic sports. We are very excited about the future because we believe that eSports will soon become the second largest sport in Brazil, generating socialization and job opportunities for young Brazilians.
eSports teams will become reputable brands with respect and tradition, similar to football clubs in Brazil. Soon, we will have electronic sports clubs as big as football ones.

The new eSports regulation law is currently under discussion in Congress through Bill 383/2017. What is your view on this proposal and how can it boost the activity of teams like Rensga?
We believe that the regulation of eSports needs to be done correctly. The market has its own regulations, rules and specificities, it continues to grow independently. I do not see Bill 383/2017 as the solution. I believe that state regulation needs to be done in partnership with ecosystem members always with the intention of benefiting the environment.

Regarding sports betting, do you believe that the regulation of the activity can bring investments to teams as has happened with football and other sports?
Absolutely. The sports betting market grows and maintains extraordinary numbers. Companies are sure to invest in eSports to communicate with millennials.

Do you believe that eSports is also a gambling activitye? What is your view on this?
The millennial generation is born in the midst of digital games, where the environment is extremely competitive and from an early age try to earn their own money, whether virtual or physical.

There is great concern about the integrity of the modalities due to the regulation of sports betting. Is eSports also concerned? What moves have been made on this point?
I believe eSports are super solid; Tournaments are played in the studio, with the developer following closely. Even with sports betting already taking place "illegally", the integrity of the sport remains as solid as ever.

Legalization of other gambling modes such as casinos, bingo, jogo do bicho, online gambling and others is also under debate. Do you believe that legalizing them can create new opportunities for eSports as well, such as new casino resort complexes for championships, sponsorship, and more?
We believe so. New brands will be present, new investors, environments to practice the sport and there are already online casinos that have digital games present.

Source: Exclusive GMB