SÁB 26 DE SEPTIEMBRE DE 2020 - 07:34hs.
SPAC 2019 - Opening Lecture

“Affiliates will be key to the success of the sports betting market in Brazil”

In the opening lecture of the first Sao Paulo Affiliate Conference (SPAC) at Allianz Parque, Alessandro Valente, co-founder of Super Afiliados, brought his experience on the topic by highlighting that affiliation is starting in the Brazilian market and still has great room for growth in the gaming sector. “All global gambling brands are already in the country and investing heavily in media, and affiliates are beginning to understand that they have great opportunities,” said Valente.

Safe platforms are very attractive tools for operators and their affiliates to grow with unique and cohesive goals. “The market is in the making phase, so it needs to develop affiliate managers themselves, which are the interface between the operator and affiliate. The closer and more involved with the growth goals, the better the outcome will be for both,” said Valente.

He stressed that in Brazil it is essential that operators and affiliates work transparently and focus on gaining credibility with Brazilian players. “It is important to do increasingly serious work. There is no point in promising a bonus that doesn't exist or cannot be fulfilled. Everything has to be very straightforward,” he said.

It is very important, according to Valente, that the major world operators ‘tropicalize’ their tools so that they get the maximum of the expected result, always relying on the affiliate so that the understanding of the market and the customer is the best possible.

“In Brazil there are few, but good affiliates, already with networks in operation, as well as some that operate in single networks. All of this makes affiliation an excellent tool for expanding market share for operators,” he said.
The co-founder of Super Afiliados gave an important tip about the type of content that appeals and attracts the player in Brazil. “It's a population that consumes data and graphs. It is much more interesting for you to sell a picture than a long text with the promotion you will make. This is fundamental,” he concluded.

According to Valente, studies show that affiliation had revenues of over one hundred million euros in 2018 and that annual growth is around 40%, which shows that the regulation of sports betting next year will lead to a big movement in this segment. “Affiliation is growing and there are many who want to migrate from traditional activity to those programs where the gain is recurring, and the player value is very high. It is very important to understand this current scenario in Brazil that is sure to start changing from water to wine.”

Valente concluded by stating that sports betting and the affiliate market could see good results soon. "Partnerships are consolidating and we are sure that the market will still bring us big surprises in this area," he concluded.

Source: GMB