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Federal Councilor Flavio Zveiter to be the president

New Special Committee on Sports, Lottery and Entertainment Law is created in Brazil

At the suggestion of the attorney Pedro Trengrouse, Professor of FGV and certified in Casino Regulation by the University of Nevada, the Federal Council of the Brazilian Bar Association (OAB) created a Special Committee on Sports, Lottery and Entertainment Law, to be chaired by the Federal Councilor Flávio Zveiter (RJ). The new Commission will play a proactive role in defending the rules of the gaming sector in the country.

In fact, the current president of the Federal OAB, Felipe Santa Cruz, has already written in O Globo newspaper defending the regulation of the gaming sector in Brazil. In that column, he called for "clear rules for gaming" since "the only effective way to combat illegal gambling, organized crime and prevent its use for money laundering is good regulation."

Considering the favorable position on the regulation of gaming in Brazil expressed by the president of the OAB federal council in this article published in O Globo, the Special Commission of Sports, Lottery and Entertainment Law will have a proactive role in defense of the regulation of the activity in the country.

Flavio Zveiter, a 37-year-old Brazilian lawyer and professor, was a member of the Commission of Jurists in the Federal Senate and was responsible for drafting the General Law on Sport bill. He was inducted in 2016 as Federal Councilor of the Brazilian Bar Association, representing the State of Rio de Janeiro. Zveiter is a founding member of the National Academy of Sports Law and since July 2016, he has served as President of the National Legislative Monitoring Committee of the Federal Council of the OAB. In May 2017, the lawyer was appointed through Conmebol to join the FIFA Ethics Committee, being the first Brazilian to hold such position.

"It's time for gaming to have clear rules in Brazil. The Brazilian market moves US$13.5 billion per year. The lack of regulation of sports betting in Brazil puts at risk the popular economy and the integrity of the sport. In addition to regulating casino games, sports betting, bingo and jogo do bicho, it is necessary to correct anomalies of the confused legislation of lotteries, which goes to the point of subverting mathematics, allocating percentages that reach 115% in the Federal Lottery and 104.5% in the Mega-Sena, Quina, Lotofácil, Lotomania, Double Sena, Loteca and Lotogol," says Santa Cruz.

"Brazil can not wait any longer. Both in the House and in the Senate there are bills ready for voting in plenary. The approval of any one of them will allow the House to deepen the discussion and improve the text. The delay in regulating matters only illegal gambling," says Trengrouse.

Source: GMB