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Joakim Renman, Scout Gaming’s Chief Commercial Officer

“Brazil will be one of the most important markets for betting operators in the coming years”

Scout Gaming announced the entry into the Brazilian market allied to Jogajá. In an exclusive interview with GMB, the commercial director of the firm responsible for doing business in Brazil, Joakim Renman, talks about Fantasy Sports, their position as leaders, the reasons for choosing the country to start operations in South America, and why partnering with Joguejá. 'We needed someone with local experience and strong knowledge about how to succeed in the Brazilian market,' says Renman, who guarantees that Brazilians will have the most modern Daily Fantasy Sports platform in the world.

GMB - Scout Gaming announced its entry into Brazil making it the first South American market where it will operate. Why the choice for Brazil?
Joakim Renman- Brazil is a very exciting and dynamic market with huge potential. When we looked at different opportunities for entering new markets, Brazil was our top choice.

In Brazil, the company will partner with Jogajá. How was this partnership born?
The investors behind Jogajá have a long and vast experiences from launching and operating successful digital businesses in Brazil, ranging from e-commerce to gaming. Their knowledge of the Brazilian market combined with hands-on experience from launching online ventures and professional approach has made us both impressed and confident that the project will be a success.

Why is it important for Scout Gaming to partner with Jogajá? Which are the main features that this partnership will bring to costumers?
We needed someone with local knowledge and strong expertise in how to succeed on the Brazilian consumer market. Our partner also has a very strong influencer and media network which they will utilise for this project. The people in Brazil will be treated to the worlds best and most modern Daily Fantasy Sports platform. Jogajá conducted an extensive benchmark of available products on the market and found our games software to be miles ahead anything currently already on the market. Players will be able to enjoy the worlds widest game offering for DFS, the biggest prize pools and superior user experience. 

Does the notice of entering Brazil have a direct relation to the recent approval of the law that released sports betting in the country?
Indeed, this is of course a very important consideration and one that we will keep a close eye on.

Do you believe that this is the first step in regulating the whole gaming market in Brazil?
Hard to say for sure at this point but we remain cautiously optimistic. 

What position does the Scout Gaming occupy in the international Fantasy Sports market?
We are currently the market leader, pushing the boundaries for what Fantasy Sports is and what it will be in the future. Fantasy Sports have been in a state of stalling down for a couple of years now with no major innovations or development. We decided exactly two years ago that it was time to take Fantasy Sports to the next level by introducing new concepts and combining traditional betting elements with fantasy. A recent example is our in-house developed stand-alone Player Odds Sportsbook which we are currently rolling out to our partners.

Do you have plans to expand the business to other countries of the region?
We are engaged in several long standing discussions in neighbouring countries and currently reviewing each business case to determine which should be the next step. 

How do you analyze the potential of the betting market in Brazil and the future of Fantasy Sports in the country?
With a population of over 200 million people, one of the worlds largest economies and a strong sport tradition, Brazil will be one of the most important markets for in the coming years for betting operators. Being able to launch Daily Fantasy Sports already now to gain an early foothold will be key for many companies wanting to take a leading position. 

Source: Exclusive GMB