DOM 8 DE DEZEMBRO DE 2019 - 09:30hs.
Last week, in London

JCM displayed upgraded universal bill acceptor at ICE 2019

JCM Global is updating its universal bill acceptor (UBA) – currently in use on “hundreds of thousands of gaming devices around the world” – to offer a faster process with a more secure system to protect casinos from counterfeiters. Tom Nieman, Vice President of Marketing for JCM Global, said the newest product will innovate the cash boxes of casinos worldwide.

At ICE London last week, Tom Nieman commented that the UBA is undergoing a major upgrade that allows it to process notes three times faster than previously possible, without sacrificing any accuracy.

A photocopy image of every single note it processes will be taken “in nanoseconds,” Nieman said. “The photocopies are stored in order to identify those handling illegal funds. In high volume environments, processing time is crucial, as important as speed is, security is absolutely as important,” he said.

JCM has grown from a small Osaka, Japan-based company to an international leader. Nieman said the newest product will innovate the cash boxes of casinos worldwide.

Nieman said the new product is compatible with gaming machines. UBA is retrofittable with plug and play technology. Used alongside facial recognition technology, serial numbers can be checked against a black box record of counterfeit bills.

Nieman explained the JCM system can monitor how much play was had on a machine before it was cashed out by a player, thus helping to identify trends in play or movement around a casino which may indicate a problem gambling behavior or compulsive play.

Source: GMB / CDC Gaming Reports