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Union force points to gaming regulation in Brazil to save Social Security

The union centrals will organize this week an act in São Paulo as a protest against the end of the retirement system. The president of Força Sindical - entity representing unions of various categories- Miguel Torres, signed a letter in which he suggests measures to improve the management and collection of the system, such as “the destination to Security and/or Social Security of tax revenue arising from the regulation of bingos and games of chance, under discussion in the National Congress.'

"The Brazilian market for legal and unregulated gambling moves US$13.5 billion per year. The lottery offer transvestite in capitalization bonds, US$5.95 billion (44%); federal lotteries, US$4.05 billion (30%); state lotteries, US$94.5 million (0.7%); turf, US$81 million (0.6%); sports betting, US$1.05 billion (8%); jogo do bicho, US$809 billion (6%); casinos, US$800 million (6%); and bingos, US$635 million (4.7%)," according to Felipe Santa Cruz (president of OAB / RJ) and Pedro Trengrouse (FGV professor).

In the letter, Força Sindical reaffirms its opposition to any proposed reform that would weaken, dismantle or reduce the role of Public Social Security. “We fight for a universal and unprivileged Social Security,” they sates.

In the document, the entity reaffirms that "Social Security is a patrimony of Brazilians. We understand that any changes must be widely discussed with society and workers' representatives in a democratic and transparent way."

Source: GMB / Força Sindical