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Introduction of R-PLAY

ICE London 2019 became “a journey of success” for Sirplay

ICE London 2019 wrapped up last Thursday 7th after an intense three day show where the gaming industry gathered to unveil new products, services and technologies. The event was the chance for Sirplay to introduce its sportsbook product R-PLAY to the bigger audience in London. Iit was a success both in brand awareness and new product reception,” stated the firm.

“Stand S3-130 was crowded of people who wanted to get expertise and knowledge from Sirplay. With great professional skills and work ethic, the company did the work,” commented the company in a recent press release.

“ICE London 2019 was a success. For Sirplay, it was a success both in Brand Awareness and New Product reception. A lot of visitors showed interest in R-PLAY and in our Kiosk. From then, Sirplay has had contacts of every genre. From the aspiring business person to big names of the industry.”

R-PLAY is a new sportsbook product suited to fill the advanced bookmaking needs of operators working worldwide or in specific markets.

“In the middle, ICE London allowed Sirplay to stay in touch with sports magazines and businesses who want to get their foot in the business, plus other company working in completely different industry who want to expand their business range. The last is given by the ‘Sports Betting effect’. It is almost a year Sirplay notices this. An upcoming difference in perception of sports betting as entertainment.”

Next steps

Ultimately ICE 2019 was a very important stage in the history of Sirplay. This important success has led the company to some considerations. Sirplay will continue to work for R-PLAY. The development will allow to continue to have the right interest from the audience Sirplay is aiming for. And during the ICE London trade show, R-PLAY did exactly what it had to do.

“Now, however, it is time to understand what the next steps will be and the right time to do so is during the period. Sirplay can not wait to share with the world what’s new for the company in the months to come. But for the time being, we just look at what technology and sports will bring in order to make the next step.”

Source: GMB