QUA 26 DE JUNHO DE 2019 - 13:26hs.
Cláudio Brito’s column in "Gaúcha Hoje"

Bingo and games of chance to finance Social Security

“Front of deputies and senators proposes one of the first sets of amendments to the pension reform. The regularization of bingos and other gaming modalities would aim to collect taxes that would fund the social security system. Undoubtedly, a good idea, the destination of the recurring collection of the legalized gaming industry would reserve values to cover the social security sectors that are historical,' comments journalist Cláudio Brito in 'Gaúcha Hoje'.

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A good idea. I have no doubt that it is a good idea to legalize and regulate gambling, bingo above all, better known, so preferred by ladies, especially in clubs, in societies, and also in places where, clandestinely, whether here or there, gambling and sometimes a police operation goes there and thwarts. And everything in illegality, even though many national legalization projects are being processed at the national congress.
I say it's a good idea because now that pension reform is starting to move in the House and in the future in the Senate, these bingo and gambling projects should come to the same table. Alias, the mixed parliamentary front, of senators and deputies, in favor of social security, not in favor of the reform proposed by Bolsonaro, but, in favor of social security in the best standards that the workers and the trade union fronts are desiring; these same parliamentarians are proposing to take advantage of the discussion of gaming and approving them, legalizing them, that comes along with the destination of taxes.
The destination of the recurrent collection of the legalized gaming would reserve values to cover the social security sector that are historical and has, perhaps, much more to do with the difficulties that the country faces than properly with what is paid to this or that retiree.
Let's take a closer look at this process. Who will get ahead? Who defends bingo and gambling to pay for pensions or those who simply want to send the proposal of Bolsonaro and approve it in full? We will see. The national congress is the one that will have to talk.

Source: GMB / Gaúcha Hoje