TER 25 DE JUNHO DE 2019 - 03:34hs.
After presentation of Law Commission

Indian government may consider to legalise online gambling

Rumours are abuzz about Indian government’s plans to regulate online gambling in the country, where gambling is prohibited apart from a few jurisdictions. The Law Commission of India (LCI) introduced a 150-page report recommending the legalisation of the activity in a regulated manner as it observes that authorities cannot practically prevent people from accessing online betting sites.

In fact, there exists a few companies who make use of the grey area in the legality of online gambling in the country and offer their services in a surrogate manner.

The LCI also points to the immense potential for tax revenue that the federal government could benefit from, should it choose to regulate online gambling. In recent statements, the Indian government have said that they are looking into the reports from the LCI with maximum interest.

Despite all this, the rumours are unlikely to be true in the immediate future. The current central government is nearing the end of its five-year term. The general elections will be held in May later this year.

The government, which is facing a tough battle for a second term, may not risk doing anything unconventional or what can be dubbed as politically incorrect at this point.

Source: GMB / Europeangaming.eu