SEG 24 DE JUNHO DE 2019 - 20:18hs.
In charge of Deputy Bacelar

Initiative to collect signatures to re-install Brazilian Pro-Gaming Parliamentary Front began

This week moves forward the collection of signatures necessary to request a new registration for the Parliamentary Front for the Approval of the Regulatory Framework of Gaming in Brazil, which was cancelled after the end of the 55th Chamber Legislature. As some parliamentarians did not re-elect, Congressman Bacelar and others sought to re-establish the Front, to resume debates on the subject and to meet with parliamentarians, ministries and state governments.

Created in September 2017, the collegiate was formed by President César Halum (PRB-TO), 1st Vice-President, Deputy Nelson Marquezelli (PTB-SP); Secretary-General, Deputy Goulart (PSD-SP), Advisory Director, Evandro Roman (PSD-PR) and representatives of the Regions: North, MP Hiran Gonçalves (PP-RR) Northeast, Bacelar (Podemos-BA); Center-West, Magda Mofatto (PR-GO): Southeast, Diego Andrade (PSD-MG) and South, Pompeo de Mattos (PDT-RS).

Currently, there is the possibility of gaming legalization through the substitute to PL 442/91 (20 PLs appended) of the deputy Guilherme Mussi (PP-SP) and approved in the Special Commission of the Regulatory Framework of Gaming in Brazil. The proposal is ready for voting in the Plenary of the Chamber of Deputies.

The prohibitive legislation did not change the scenario of illegality of gaming in the country, which moves annually in clandestine bets about US$5.35 billion against US$3.6 billion of legal gambling.

The Brazilian gaming market has the potential to raise roughly US$16 billion (gross) or about US$4.8 billion per year in taxes and duties. The concessions and licenses would add to this collection more than US2.65 billion before the implementation of these operations in the country. In addition to taxes and investments, the creation of a regulatory framework for this sector could generate more than 150 thousand new jobs, in addition to the formalization of 450 thousand only with thelocal popular jogo do bicho.

“As some parliamentarians did not re-elect, we had the initiative to collect the signatures of the supporters to reestablish the Front and to resume the debates on the subject and meetings with parliamentarians, ministries and state governments,” says Deputy Bacelar, author of the letter re-launching the Front.

“It is noteworthy that there is no record in any country in the world of successful social, economic and public safety, among those who have opted for a ban on gambling or a simple departure from the State in controlling this activity,” the deputy concluded.

Source: GMB