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Betfair already offers the Brazilian real as currency for all new customers

As of 14 February, all new customers already deposit, withdraw and bet on reais on Betfair. 'Following our efforts to offer the best possible conditions to our Brazilian customers, Betfair will now offer the Brazilian real since current month of February,' said the statement from the international betting website. Existing customers will not yet have this service but the company informed that it is working to solve it.

Due to technical constraints and tests that the company must conduct, it can not currently offer the Brazilian real to existing customers, but Betfair is sure to work on this as a priority to offer a smooth transition and betting experience for everyone.

"We look forward to offering existing customers the option to exchange currencies soon and we will contact you again in more detail about the process," explains the betting website.

“All new customers will still be able to sign up with USD, if they wish, and existing accounts that use USD will not be affected by the launch of the Brazilian real. All customers will continue to be able to take advantage of our current offers regardless of the chosen currency, such as Game of the Week, FC Amigos, etc. and will continue to be able to access the Betfair range of products, including the Exchange.”

“To avoid putting extreme pressure on the customer service team, Betfair asks only to contact them regarding actual payment / deposit issues. They will not have any additional information about the launch of the Brazilian real that has not been relayed in this email. We appreciate your patience and support during this exciting time.”

“To clear any doubts to new and existing players, Betfair offers here a page of frequently asked questions about the real currency,” the company concluded.

Source: GMB