SÁB 7 DE DEZEMBRO DE 2019 - 06:29hs.
By Senator Jorginho Mello

Project seeks to authorize each state in Brazil to create special lottery to help education

Senator Jorginho Mello's PL 687/19 authorizes the Federation Units and the Federal District to create the State Lottery for the Appreciation of Education (LEVE). Part of the amount collected will be for the direct payment of bonuses to teachers of the 150 best schools and also the granting of scholarships for undergraduates. The idea is to encourage teachers and students to devote themselves more and more to the exercise of teaching and learning.

According to the text filed in the House, the State Lottery of Appreciation of Education (LEVE) would be marketed in physical and non-physical tickets in lottery sotres and similars, cell phone applications and other electronic ways. The draw will be made by the federal lottery, being the winner the one who hits the final five (05) dozens of 1st to 5th of the five thousand drawn. Each bet will have a minimum value of R$ 5,00 (US$1.35).

Regarding the distribution of net amounts collected with LEVE, 65% will be allocated to the payment of salary bonuses to teachers who are part of the public network of the Federation Unit that are among the state's school units classified as best 5% in the initial and final years of elementary and high school. In addition to the bonus to teachers is designated 10% for the purchase of equipment for the winning schools.

For students, the new lottery will allocate 20% of its net income to the payment of scholarships in higher courses of non-free higher education institutions.

Five percent of the net revenue will be rolled back to the premium payment coverage.

In his justification for the bill, Senator Jorginho Mello stated that "education is a crucial point for the development and growth of any country, and this is one of the sectors that must be cultivated and worked with dedication, respect always with a view to helping it, whether materially or financially."

The Senator also pointed out that one of the intentions of the project is to promote greater motivation for public school teachers who historically receive low salaries compared to developed countries.

"It is necessary to emphasize that our teachers are currently underpaid, which ultimately discourages the exercise of the noble function of teaching. We need to stimulate them so that new people want to take this important carrer. Thus, in order to motivate teachers, we propose the creation of the State Lottery for the Appreciation of Education, so that part of the amount collected is destined to the direct payment of bonuses to the teachers of the 150 best schools," says the senator in the project.

The idea of the state lottery for education had already been presented to the Chamber of Deputies, where it obtained a favorable opinion from the rapporteur, Professor Dorinha Seabra, and it was also unanimously approved by the Education Committee, but was eventually filed due to the end of the last legislature.

Source: GMB