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According to specialized media "Qual Viagem"

Sun Monticello is one of the best five casinos near Brazil

One of the leading media specialized in tourism in Brazil has made a selection of the five best casinos near the country for the bettors to travel and visit. Among them, it mentions Sun Monticello in Chile. 'It has a Las Vegas-level security system and its customers can stay safe,' states the magazine.

Brazilians passionate about gaming dream on visiting the casinos that offer entertainment and betting options in an environment full of comfort and luxury. However, not everyone can travel so far to enjoy gambling, but there are neighboring countries in Brazil that own these glamorous gaming venues.

These destinations offer both interesting gaming alternatives and, due to their location, also breathtaking landscapes. Check out the best destinations for gaming in South America:

Argentina –Puerto Madero Casino

Located in Buenos Aires, Casino Puerto Madero is one of the most accessible gaming establishments. Its imposing architecture tends to intimidate tourists, but its interior is cozy and its values are attractive.

And it is not necessary to worry about restaurants, coffee shops or bars as they have low prices. With the economic problems and the low Argentine peso it is cheap to play giving more exciting bets. It also offers a floor where regulars can bet on dollars.

Uruguay – Conrad Resort & Casino

The casino in Punta del Este is the closest to those based in Las Vegas. It features hundreds of slot machines and almost 100 gaming tables. With ample infrastructure, it receives daily the visit of tycoons and wealthy people from all over the world.

Conrad is also known for hosting great international poker tournaments, many of which are broadcast worldwide. After gambling, guests can enjoy the luxury of the hotel, the SPA and the renowned restaurants.

Chile – Monticello Grand Casino

Next to Santiago in Chile, Monticello Grand Casino has a more contemporary architecture, and bets are also controlled by modern machines and a rigorous system. All transactions are carried out on cards, chips and money pass away here.

The large gaming venue houses almost 2,000 machines, as well as many poker and roulette tables. It also has a Las Vegas-level security system making customers can stay safe by placing their bets on-site.

Paraguay – Hotel Casino Acaray

Ciudad del Este houses the closest casino to Brazil, just after the Paraguayan border. To attract new customers this site invests in the distribution of bonuses.

The environment of the property is privileged, giving from the hotel great views of the Paraná River. Near the neighboring countries, this place is small and less glamorous, but it is an excellent tip for anyone who has never attended a gaming house and does not want to spend much.

Source: GMB / Qual Viagem