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Casino Estoril, in Portugal

Europe's largest casino targets Brazilian public

With an art gallery, discotheque, theater, own gastronomy and a hall with capacity for 1,500 people, Casino Estoril has stood out in Portugal and in Europe as a venue for events. The venture has also drawn attention to focusing on the Brazilian public. 'We have many attractions aimed at the Brazilian public and we see a good possibility of growth ', confirms Nuno Sardinha, sales manager of Casino Estoril.

More than a casino, the place is a complete choice of gastronomy, culture and entertainment. This is the proposal of Casino Estoril, considered the largest casino in Europe and located only 18 km from Lisbon. The venue has a great schedule of concerts and musical performances throughout the year, held in the Salão Preto and Prata, considered the best venue for events in Portugal.

Highlights include an art gallery, the Auditorium Theater, the Du Art and Zeno lounges, the Zézebel nightclub and the Estoril Mandarin Asian food restaurant.

"Casino Estoril is a true entertainment and leisure center. It is a place where you can have fun, dinner, enjoy the art gallery, watch shows, go to the bar among other things. That is, you can spend the night at the casino having fun without playing. This line-up is unique in Europe," said Nuno Sardinha, Casino Estoril’ Sales Manager, who participates in Portugal United's roadshows series in Brazil.

The executive points out that the Brazilian public is still low in the establishment, but he sees the country as a potential issuer by the increasing number of Brazilian tourists and Portugal. "The Brazilian market still does not represent much in terms of the issuing market, but it is growing. We have many attractions geared towards the Brazilian public and we see a good possibility of growth, especially in the Mice segment", explains Sardinha.

Proof of this interest in attracting Brazilians is on the casino agenda. In 2018, the venue featured presentations of names such as Ana Carolina, Maria Rita, Daniela Mercury, Paula Fernandes and Vanessa da Mata. For this year are already confirmed Seu Jorge, Natiruts and Djavan.

"This joins the offer of artists that we have, not only from Portugual but more international. What we want to change is the mindset of people that the casino is the place to just play. There is a complete offer of gastronomy and entertainment to put in the minds of people to go to Casino Estoril to have fun," concludes the Sales manager.

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