DOM 8 DE DEZEMBRO DE 2019 - 09:30hs.

Coljuegos grants 17th online gambling license in the Colombian market

The President of Coljuegos, Juan B. Pérez Hidalgo, informed that the concession contract was signed to operate onlie gaming with the company Games and Betting SAS to place bets on real sports events, slot machines and roulette, under the domain The license, in force for three years, is number 17th in the Colombian market and is the first one granted in 2019.

The company Games and Betting S.A.S signed a concession contract with Coljuegos, for a term of three years, to operate online games in Colombia under the domain Coljuegos estimates that close to US$ 1 million will be collected for exploitation rights.

Until January 31, 2019, online games reached 2,011,664 accounts registered in the 16 online pages that had authorization so far in the Colombian market.

"This week marks 30 months since Coljuegos authorized online gaming activity in the country (September 28, 2016), which has allowed that with the entry of, this market already has 17 authorized websites to offer bets on real sporting events. According to the latest statistics, (up to January 2019), there are registered a total of 2,011,664 accounts registered in the different operators, which shows the great acceptance of these games by Colombians," said Pérez Hidalgo.

“Coljuegos raised in 2018, for exploitation rights, US$ 184.1 million, of which the games operated by Internet participated with US$ 1.2 million (6.6%), resources that are transferred to the health sector and with which it could be financed the attention of more than 47 thousand people through the subsidized regime,” added Pérez Hidalgo. joins the 16 websites that already had authorization to operate online games in Colombia:,,,,, ,,,,,,,,, and Offer of operators that gives players of online games a wide range of entertainment according to their tastes and offers," he concluded.

The company Games and Betting S.A.S. is a Colombian sports betting firm, which has a European platform, with extensive experience and reliability in the market, that will enter the market with a network of service points and affiliates that according to expectations will allow it to be present in large part of the national territory.

Source: GMB