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Sports betting business group seeks to manage football area of Brazilian club

The entrepreneur José Duarte, who works in several areas including sports betting with website MixBet, is the leader of the group interested in outsourcing the management of football in Campinense, which currently leads Group B of the Paraibano Championship. MixBet already has the master sponsorship of the team’s red-black shirt until 2020. The club’s Deliberative Council will vote the proposal, which is estimated to be approved.

Campinense’s advisors have held daily meetings with a group of businessmen to discuss the outsourcing the management of the football area of the institution, in a "club-company" partnership similar to the model adopted by Figueirense.

Entrepreneur José Duarte, who works in several business areas including sports betting with website MixBet and ecological laundry for automobiles, is the leader of the group interested in taking over the control of Campinense’s football area. Two of his companies already sponsor the club, in a contract signed in 2018, under the management of former president William Simões.

The Campinense Club has MixBet as a Master sponsor for the next two years. The sports betting company occupies with its brand the main space of the red-black shirt. The contract is valid for two seasons (2019/2020), and also foresees the exposure of the brand in the banner of interviews, in internal and external parts of the stadium Renatão, plaque in the Amigão stadium in the matches of Campinense as principal in the Paraibano Championship and Brazilian Championship, as well as advertising on the club's official media.

On yesterday’s afternoon (26), when the rubro-negro team reappeared after the victory against Nacional in Patos, by the seventh round of Paraibano 2019, Duarte and another businessman known as Lamartine, one of his partners, met with players to address the most pressing financial issues.

According to PARAIBAONLINE report, on Monday night (25), in another meeting with the Deliberative Council, the group of entrepreneurs began, together with a committee of advisers and staff of the club, a survey on debts and obligations of Campinense. With this report, the entrepreneurs will present a proposal for investment, with details on the respective percentages in the collection of revenues agreed in the contract.

From this proposal, the Deliberative Council of Campinense will vote whether the partnership will be signed or not. The tendency, according to different sources, is that this outsourcing of management will be approved. While the bureaucratic part is not resolved, it seems that José Duarte and his partners must begin to manage the administrative directions of the club.

Outsourcing the management of the Football Department seems to be the solution to the financial problems faced by Campinense, who has a good time in the field. However, there is much administrative instability since the banishment of entrepreneur William Simões to lead the club, and its consequent removal from the presidency by order of Justice.

At the end of October, businessman Felix Braz, Felinho, then vice, resigned the maximum position days after taking possession. The president's chair, then, was with the trade unionist Antonino Macedo, who stopped being president of the Deliberative Council to assume the Executive, according to the club’s statute.

The technical commission headed by Francisco Diá was maintained. And the coach, practically alone, set the team that currently leads Group B of the Paraibano Championship and will certainly qualify for the semifinals of the tournament.

Source: GMB / Paraiba Online