SÁB 25 DE JANEIRO DE 2020 - 11:07hs.
Political framework

Casino release in Brazil is on Congressional radar

BR18 website, part of Estadão newspaper dedicated to the backstage of politics, says that the conversation within the Congress has grown so much that some kind of legislation allowing the operation of casinos in Brazil would be approved. Gaming release has always bumped into resistance from conservative sectors. Now, however, there is an assessment that this obstacle has already been reduced and that casinos could provide a significant new source of resources.

The current buzz can be positive so that bills that aim to regulate gambling in Brazil finally move forward. Victories in this direction have happened and the news about the sector does not leave the headlines in many of the leading newspapers of the country.

After former President Temer sanctioned sports betting at the end of 2018, legalization of the sector gained support in Congress and also important voices, such as President of the Deputies Chamber, Mayor Rodrigo Maia, were in favor of the initiative.

At the beginning of 2019, Deputy Paulo Azi (DEM-BA) presented PL 530/19 authorizing the opening of a limited number of casinos in resorts in different states of the country. In a short time, the project was joined to PL 442/91, which is older and covers the same topic. Soon, more news should reach the media.

Source: GMB/BR18