SÁB 25 DE JANEIRO DE 2020 - 12:28hs.
In London

Optima Group introduces Loyalty Games at ICE show

Optima Group introduces yet another innovative product to ICE London: Loyalty Games, bringing the Casual Games experience into the igaming industry. Through Warbler Gaming, the Sevillian Optima studio experienced in the mobile gaming and console industry, they developed Loyalty Games to “gamify” customer experience and increase user retention for their partners.

These Loyalty Games are Casual Games using a slot-based approach and skill games mechanics to create the perfect mix of luck and skill.

Working with Optima’s spin-off Warbler Gaming, an experienced team from the mobile and console gaming industry, using the flagship MGS technology, they developed Loyalty Games to gamify customer experience and increase user retention for their partners.

While user acquisition for the igaming industry is already flooded with a price fight for registration bonuses and affiliates, Warbler Gaming also provides clients with the ability to engage existing users maximising activity and boosting customer retention through Loyalty Gamification, where customers exchange in-game achievements for points and promotions.

By customising games and segmenting users, operators can create gaming events, establish habits to increase customer spending and add an extra layer of value to their core business.

Warbler Gaming is building its very own gaming platform with a unique currency on their pursuit to disrupt and accelerate the creation of the Casual Slot Games. All this together aims to renovate the audience targeting young adults by gamifying the slot scene and creating the “Gamebling” Industry.

Optima showcases its innovative developments on Stand N2-310 at ICE London 2019.

Source: GMB