SEG 19 DE AGOSTO DE 2019 - 15:41hs.
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PMU Brazil to become sponsor of Cruceiro football team

Cruzeiro has agreed a new sponsorship for the rest of the season with PMU Brasil, company responsible for the management and commercialization of horse racing betting in the Brazilian Jockey Club. With this new deal, the trend of gaming industry companies that become sponsors of Brazilian football clubs is strengthened after the legalization of sports betting in the country in December 2018.

Pari Mutuel Urbain (PMU), a French horse betting company that is responsible for the management and commercialization of equestrian betting at the Jockey Club Brasileiro, will become the new sponsor of Cruzeiro from Belo Horizonte.

In addition, the entry of a betting company, even if it is only focused on equestrian modalities, is an indication of what is to come in Brazilian football since the country is close to releasing betting sites. Numerous teams around the world already have sponsorship of bookmakers, as it is one of the fastest-moving markets for bettors.

The PMU itself already has in its history a relation like sponsor in football, since it sponsored Rio de Janeiro’s championship in 2018 and 2019, besides exhibiting its logo and brand in the stadium of the Maracanã.

The partnership with the team of Belo Horizonte will be valid since the match between Cruzeiro and Caldense, which will be played next Wednesday (20), at 9.30 pm, in the Mineirão stadium. Already for the match will be raffled tickets for the bettors in the accredited network PMU of Belo Horizonte and there will be a plaque in the stadium.

The sponsorship also includes the company logo arranged as a partner in the team's 5-star partner program and the "Páreo da Raposa" promotion which involves voucher distribution actions and, with the supporters, to win 20% on the first deposit on the betting site, from 15 to 31 March.  

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