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In Rio de Janeiro favelas

Besides sponsoring football teams, NetBet carries out social actions in Brazil

The sports betting website that entered the Brazilian market with strength through sponsorship of football teams Vasco da Gama and Fortaleza also does a quiet job of helping in territories where young people find themselves in social vulnerability and risk. In partnership with Multiplierapp and Intersocial, NetBet sponsors a social program in favelas of Rio de Janeiro that last week had its great event with the Vila Kennedy Cup Sub 15.

Or Saturday 23, at Bangu Campestre Clube, it was held the NetBet Cup Vila Kennedy sponsored by the international betting website. It was a competition with 8 local teams for male adolescents in the sub 15 category (2004 - 2005), where NetBet directly attended more than 3 thousand youngsters and adolescents, donating shirts, shorts, balls, vests, nets, flags , cards, cups and medals in a full event with transportation, food, etc.

The company works in partnership with Intersocial, one of the largest social actions, which is notoriously recognized for its activities in areas where young people are at risk and social vulnerability, using Sports and Citizenship as tools for psycho-bio-sociocultural child and youth development within the favelas (poor neighborhoods).



Vila Kennedy is a neighborhood in the West Zone of the City of Rio de Janeiro. It is made up of a large housing complex and is located on the banks of Avenida Brasil. On Saturday's match, NetBet Cup Villa Kennedy made a difference in the lives of the entire community with the work of coaches, athletes, production team and supporters.

Through the innovative and exclusive technology of MultiplierApp, all personal Facebooks, pages and groups enter live together, reaching thousands of people and causing millions of comments and a wide activity in the social networks.



The local residents connect to a MultiplierApp channel, forming the community's mega-voice on social networks. Brands support the project through strategic live marketing actions, with merchandising and in many other ways, and videos of strategic actions are triggered in the mega social network formed in each community, generating millions of impacts.

"What NetBet is doing is unique in the world. Giving voice to the community and encouraging the sport, with more than 1.3 million impacts per day, connecting 1,000 facebooks that come live together daily 9am in the morning, with users with their cell phones turned off or not, as they agreed to join the network and to become the 'voice of the community'. We must exceed 60 million of impacts until 31st of this month in the mega social network formed", explains Rodrigo Brandão, CEO of MultiplierApp.



Those who want to collaborate or know more, can join the official site of Intersocial, register their Facebook account here in MultiplieApp or follow or instragram of Netbet to receive news about more social programs.

Source: GMB

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