SEX 13 DE DEZEMBRO DE 2019 - 17:29hs.
In Brasilia

Brazil’s Parliamentary Front in defense of lotteries to be launched on Wednesday

The Mixed Parliamentary Front in Defense of the Lottery, under the coordination of the deputy Weliton Prado (Pros-MG), will be launched on Wednesday (17). Formed by 207 deputies and six senators, the group seeks to defend, in Congress, the valuation of the activities of lottery stores. Among the issues that must be addressed are the renegotiation of the amounts paid by banking services, the security of the agencies and the costing of armored trucks.

Currently 13,000 lottery stores are operating in Brazil, generating 70,000 direct jobs and serving 120 million people.

"In many municipalities, these establishments represent the only alternative to banking services, such as receiving bills, wages, pensions, withdrawals, and social benefits such as unemployment insurance, FGTS, Bolsa Família. It is important for Caixa to give structure, respect the contracts and negotiate with lottery retailers," says Weliton Prado.

The launching ceremony will take place at the Salão Nobre, starting at 9 am.

Source: GMB / Agencia Senado