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Balance of the state bank

CAIXA lotteries transfer US$ 1.7 billion to legal beneficiaries in 2018

In addition to feeding the dreams of millions of bettors, CAIXA Lotteries are an important source of resources for Brazil's social development. Part of the total collected through the games is passed on to its legal beneficiaries: areas such as security, health, education, safety and sports, among others. According to the CAIXA Balance Sheet 2018, Lotteries raised US$ 3.55 billion and social transfers totaled US$ 1.7 billion. Check in the infographic the values passed for each area.

"The higher the collection, the greater the transfer to social areas," explains the national manager of Lotteries, Rodrigo Hori. He believes that this year there will be an increase in onlending, depending on the growth of the economy. The transfer of Lottery resources is fundamental for the maintenance of programs to encourage sports, education, such as Student Funding, and programs in the area of public security, which also started to receive funds from lotteries," he said.

Hori points out that Law No. 13,756 / 2018, published at the end of last year, redistributed the percentages allocated to the social area and included new beneficiaries, such as the National Public Security Fund (FNSP), state sports secretariats, National Club (FENACLUBES) and the Brazilian University Sports Committee (CBDU).


Only for the Olympic Committee (COB) and the Brazilian Paralympic Committee (CPB), more than US$ 93 million were transferred. In 2018, the COB received US$ 60 million from the collection of the CAIXA Lotteries. "The resources are fundamental for the realization of the sports projects of the COB and also of the Olympic confederations," said COB Director General Rogério Sampaio, Olympic judo champion in Barcelona in 1992. He estimates that this year the Committee should receive about of US$ 64 million.

"The money is mainly invested in training teams, hiring foreign technicians, acquiring equipment and sports materials, exchanging trips, participating in international competitions and expenses with periods of acclimatization of delegations," explained the COB director.

CPB president Mizael Conrado said that the transfer of resources from the lotteries allowed the Paralympic sport to go to another level. "Brazil has advanced 17 positions in three Paralympic editions. We went from twentieth at Sydney games in 2000 to the seventh place in 2012 in London,” said Mizael.

He also notes that the transfer of funds has raised the level of governance of the Paralympic Committee and the Paralympic federations. "With the resources of the lotteries, it is possible to work from the beginning of the athletes to the highest income in their own competitions, such as the Lottery Circuit CAIXA." In 2018, the social transfer of the Lotteries to the Brazilian Paralympic Committee (CPB) was US$ 34 million, which also benefits from more funds from the CAIXA Lotteries in the form of sponsorship.

Source: GMB / Caixa