SEX 13 DE DEZEMBRO DE 2019 - 17:28hs.
New strategic direction

PMU to reinvest in Brazil with an exclusive focus on betting operation

New model of action will be defined until the end of the semester. Pari Mutuel Urbain (PMU), after three years of partnership with the Brazilian Jockey Club, informed about the next steps of its operations in Brazil. By the end of 2019, PMU will close the operation of the Brazilian subsidiary and focus its strategy for the betting operation and no longer for the entire structure currently maintained.

"For three years we have succeeded in the strategy of investing in strengthening the national turf scenario, betting management in Rio de Janeiro and marketing through points of sale, site, Teleturfe and TV Turfe. By 2015, the sector recorded a drop of 10% per year. During our performance, we achieved a 21% growth, reaching 235 million reais (US$ 60.5) in 2018. This represents the largest annual betting movement in the history of the Brazilian Jockey Club.

“At the moment, our parent company in France points out a new strategic direction for the operation in Brazil, focusing on our primary business, which is the betting operation. We consider that we have made an important contribution by showing the growth potential of this sport through a bold strategy of communication, promotion and product development," comments Joseph Levy, CEO of PMU Brazil.

In the next 60 days, a new contract model and activity transfer plan will be defined between PMU and JCB. During this period, PMU will maintain all the activities and investments currently foreseen in the partnership, which will include the preparation and marketing of the largest national calendar event, the Brazil Turf Grand Prix, from June 7 to 11.

Source: GMB / JCB