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Logo to be displayed on team’s shirt

Bookmaker ‘Casa de Apostas’ signs sponsorship deal with Santos club

After a long period of negotiations, Brazilian football club Santos announced a sponsorship agreement with the betting house that will display its brand in the team's uniform until 2020. 'We welcome the bookmaker. We understand that this betting segment will be very important to the sponsorship market of Brazilian football,' said Luiz Carlos Peres, president of Santos.

‘Casa de Apostas’ is the new sponsor of Santos FC. The brand will be on the professional team's shoulder blade and the contract will run until May 2020. Now there are six companies in the club’s portfolio of sponsors for the season: Philco, Algar, Unicesumar, Kodilar and Orthopride.

"We welcome the bookmaker. We understand that this betting segment will be very important for the sponsorship market of Brazilian football and we are proud to start this work with this new sponsor," says José Caros Peres, president of Santos FC.

"The ‘Casa de Apostas’ group recognizes that football is the national passion and the Brazilian Championship is one of the most disputed in the world. Thus, we decided to associate our brand with Santos FC, one of the biggest and most traditional clubs on the planet. We wish this club, centenary and victorious, a season of great success and achievements. And of course, with our support, "says Hans Schleier, Marketing Director of ‘Casa de Apostas’ group.



"This is a very important movement for the commercial planning of the Club. From our portfolio of spaces in uniforms we have already closed beyond the shoulder blades, upper back spaces, back bar, shorts, and socks. We still have outstanding sponsorships for sleeves and the master one, but we consider essential to conduct these negotiations calmly for the proper appreciation that the brand Santos FC deserves and delivery as a return to the market," says Marcelo Frazão, marketing and communications executive of Santos F.C.

Casadeapostas.com is an online sportsbook tracking company founded in 2013 on the European continent. The ‘Casa de Apostas’ group has subsidiaries in different countries around the world with a vast technical staff and numerous customer base. As of the law 13,756 / 18, signed on December 12, 2018, the website casadeapostas.com began the project to adapt to the Brazilian market effectively establishing its activities in Brazil from April 2019.

Source: GMB / Santos