SÁB 24 DE AGOSTO DE 2019 - 10:09hs.
Rewards best "guessers"

Brazilian football star Cafu launches betting application "Golaço de Ouro"

Cafu, captain of the five-times world championship Brazilian national team, returned to be effectively involved with football, but in another way. The former player of São Paulo, Palmeiras, Rome and Milan has created a betting application called 'Golaço de Ouro' (Golden Gol), which awards the best 'guessers' with gold bars. The app is available for IOS and Android.

Everybody knows that football is the national passion in Brazil. But what many do not know is that this sport can provide joys in other ways to its fans. Within this context, the "Golaço de Ouro" app was created to reward football fans through common everyday situations: guessing over games.

Available for IOS and Android, the application works this way: first the user must download the "Golaço de Ouro" from the virtual stores -Google Play Store or Apple App Store-; shortly afterwards, the future "guesser" needs to register; then, he chooses which ticket will use. Ready. After that, just risk the scores of the matches and cheer to become the best.

In addition, it should be said that there are two types of tickets: the 'championship' and the 'ticket round'. The first one contemplates all the rounds of the competition and costs R$ 34.90 (US$ 8.75). The second, also self-explanatory, only applies to a specific round and costs R$ 4.90 (US$ 1.25). Both can be purchased at any time.

It is worth mentioning that the application is based only on the matches of the Brazilian Championship of 2019. That is, the hunches are aimed at the 38 rounds of the national championship. Other tournaments such as Copa do Brasil, Copa Libertadores and others are not part of the “Golaço de Ouro” betting system.

Source: GMB / Torcedores.com