SÁB 24 DE AGOSTO DE 2019 - 11:19hs.
87º Brazil GP

PMU Brazil started biggest advertising campaign of its history in the country

PMU Brazil launched this month the advertising campaign of the Brazil 2019 GP. Signed by the Onzevinteum agency, the campaign colored the city of Rio de Janeiro with urban furniture, wrap buses and subway, social network advertising and Google ads. The pieces invite the public to the big national turf event that takes place June 7-11 at the Gávea Racecourse.

Starting on May 9th, one month before the biggest national turf event, the Brasileiro Jockey Club and PMU Brazil began the biggest advertising campaign of its history in the country, aiming to publicize the 87th Brazilian GP.

The biggest star of the announcement is whole wrap Metro-Rio, which will circulate mainly through lines 1 and 4 (stations Jardim Ocêanico – Uruguai), and can be used in other adjacent lines.



Two buses of the Surface Subway (Botafogo - Gávea) also already circulate totally covered with the beautiful stylized image of the final stretch of the Brazilian GP of 2017.

Also, different urban furniture (posters inside the subway stations) are already "dressed" with 2019 Brazil GP. It is worth remembering that around 900 thousand passengers circulate around the city every day.



The outside of the Shopping Fashion Mall (São Conrado) is also ready and attracting several views of the Estrada Lagoa-Barra.

The MUB Digital (TV) will have all visual campaign materials on the city's public transports and 41 stations. Meanwhile, the VLT (which stands for “veículo leve sobre trilhos”, literally Light Vehicle on Rrails, being equivalent to the English term light rail) will put the campaign on the streets of the Center and city’s newsstands.


An investment with a range of 10% to 15% higher than in 2018 are welcome news and indispensable for the growth and popularization of the main Brazilian horse race.

Source: GMB / JCB