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RUI MAGALHÃES, CEO of Estoril Sol Digital

"The audience is a positive sign that Brazil advances with gaming market regulation"

Continuing the series of interviews with experts from different areas related to the online gaming sector invited by the Sports Commission of the Chamber of Deputies to the public hearing on May 22, GMB talked to Rui Magalhães, CEO of Estoril Sol Digital, the first bookmaker online with a license issued in Portugal: 'The invitation of the Brazilian Congress is an honor and I will be happy to try to contribute with my experience.'

The public hearing proposed by Congressman Evandro Roman that will discuss with the representatives of companies the regulation of the online betting industry in Brazil will be on Wednesday, May 22, at 2:30 p.m. in Annex II of the Congress, in Brasilia. The list of invited speakers already includes 23 experts (several of them still need to confirm their presence), but it is speculated that the number may grow this week.

GMB: How did you feel when you were called by the Brazilian Congress to contribute with your knowledge and experience? Why did you accept to participate?
Rui Magalhães - It is an honor the invitation addressed to me by the Brazilian Congress and it is with great pleasure that I will try to contribute with my experience so that the Congress can make decisions with the largest possible information base.

What do you think that you and your company can contribute with at this stage?
I believe that the objective of the Congress is to be able to gather a base of information and knowledge that ensure that the regulation that they intend to define is of the highest possible quality. The Estoril Sol group has extensive experience in gaming, and in particular, about online gaming through its subsidiary, Estoril Sol Digital, a leading operator in the Portuguese market.

Do you consider it is positive to hold this hearing? Do you think it can become a step forward or just one more of those that Brazil already had?
This type of initiatives are very positive and give a signal to the international market that Brazil intends to move forward with the regulation of the gaming market.

From your perspective, with this audience and the new government ... do you see the legalization of the activity closer than ever in the country?
Brazil has taken significant steps in recent years to legislate and regulate the activity. There were advances and retreats, initiatives that ended up not having immediate effects. However, I believe that all these actions have brought Brazil step-by-step closer to an inevitable reality: gaming and its regulation. However, more important than speed is direction. It is important that Brazil obtain a quality regulation that protects the citizen, the industry that operates in the legal market and can ensure a fair collection of taxes from this economic activity.

Source: Exclusive GMB