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In Rio Branco, close to Yaguarón

Uruguay will open a new casino looking to attract Brazil's public

The National Casinos Directorate of Uruguay will set up a new gaming venue in Rio Branco, which will operate in the city's new shopping center and will seek to attract audiences from the neighboring Brazilian city of Yaguarón. The casino, which will be located at one end of the ground floor of the Shopping Panda, will open by the end of September or beginning of October.

The National Casinos Directorate will set up a new casino in Rio Branco, which will operate in the new shopping center in the city and where 16 people from Melo and that city will work. The staff has already competed and is ready to start the activities, informed the National Director of Casinos, Javier Chá.

"We are very excited and last week we signed the contract with the company that owns the shopping mall. We had already announced it and somehow now we are coming to realize what we had expressed at the time about this possibility," Chá said.

Objective: Brazilian public

The public that seeks to attract this new casino is the Brazilians from the neighboring city of Yaguarón. "It will be offering a service to the entire population, both Brazilians and Uruguayans, so we will be holding a party for its inauguration," Chá commented.

It is "a new step that gives Casinos del Estado opening rooms in the interior of the country. The casino will have only electronic equipment, since this space has generated a good attraction. We want to contribute to this great shopping that has the city of Rio Branco with a great infrastructure, getting to install about 110 or 120 gaming machines.”

Chá also said that it is also intended to place in the gaming venue a large bar and also a stage to perform some artistic activities and musical shows.

Source: GMB / El País (Uruguay)