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International conference ‘Gambling & Risk Taking’ analyzes market situation in Brazil

The 17th International Conference on Gambling & Risk is being held this week (May 27th-30th) at the Caesars Hotel in Las Vegas with more than 600 guests from 35 countries. The event, that takes place every three years, includes three panels dedicated to the Brazilian market with the presence of Itamar Pereira (SECAP) and representatives of Positivo, Sao Paulo and Parana Universities.

The International Conference on Gambling & Risk Taking traces its origins back to 1974, and is recognized as the premier research oriented conference in the world. It brings together international experts to examine and analyze gambling from many perspectives.

The attendees to this unique event gather to discuss and debate the future of this growing global industry with researchers, industry leaders, and regulators, as well as professional gamblers, and helping services.

Held only every three years, more than 600 people from 31 countries took part in the last conference in 2016. Topics cover a broad variety of disciplines including economics, public policy, mathematics, social sciences, psychology, and treatment.

“In this week our goa lis learn a lot with the whole world and share some knowledge speaking about Brazilian experience in lotteries, here in Las Vegas,” commented Itamar Pereira, Technical Manager of Brazil’s Secretariat for Public Policy,Planning, Energy and Lottery Evaluation (SECAP).

During yesterday’s (28th) morning took place the session “Assessing the Relationship between Gambling Disorder and Psychosis: Clinical Characteristics, Mechanisms, and Treatment” with Hyoun Kim, Briana Cassetta, and Lianne Tomfohr (University of Calgary, Canada); and Hermano Tavares (University of Sao Paulo, Brazil) as speakers.

After launch break, and with Rich Baldwin (Union Gaming) as moderator, a panel discussed about “Global Capitals: Special Topics in the Burgeoning Markets of Greece and Brazil”. The speaker were Gene Christiansen (Christiansen Capital Advisors), Brendan Bussmann (Director of Government Affairs, Global Market Advisors) and Dario Paixao (Positivo University, Brazil).

For tomorrow (30th) are announced two panels related with the Brazilian market.

First, at 9:00, the Session 3-1-D will be about “Gambling and Tourism in South America: An Analysis of Resort Casinos. Evolution and Legislation Comparison in the Continent”. Speakers will be Dario Paixao (Positivo University, Brazil); Bo Bernhard (University of Nevada, Las Vegas); Angelica Paixao (Positivo University, Brazil); and Jose Manoel Gandara (Federal University of Parana, Brazil).

Finally, at 11:00 am, Itamar Pereira, representing the Brazilian Ministry of Finance, will lead the session “Secure Gaming Operation with a Risk-based Approach – The Brazilian State Lottery Case”.

Source: GMB