SEG 16 DE SETEMBRO DE 2019 - 22:05hs.
He finished in 6th place

Neymar gets US$ 9,000 in online PokerStars tournament during Brazil game

Unable to participate in upcoming Copa America because of an ankle injury, Brazilian football star Neymar took advantage of a forced vacation at his home to play an online tournament at PokerStars on Sunday. He finished in 6th place and took a prize of US$ 9,050. The championship began at noon ending at 9pm with a total of 162 players and an entry fee of US$ 1,050.

The champion was the Portuguese Filipe "Zagazaur" Oliveira and won more than US$ 32,000 (R$ 125,000). That is, Neymar managed to concentrate at the same time on online and friendly match between Brazil and Honduras, which ended 7 to 0 at the Beira-Rio and began at 4pm. As soon as the Brazilian’s national football team was over, Neymar posted a picture on his Instagram greeting his teammates.

Before that, on the same Sunday, he was also able to attend the game of Brazilian team Fury in a Counter Strike championship around 1pm.

Neymar will need to stand still for four weeks and has been replaced in the Brazilian national team. Last Sunday, he only became a subject in the news after the friendly in football terms and no longer related to the accusation of rape that he is facing nowadays.

Source: GMB / UOL