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Gustavo Barcha, firm’s Player Development Manager in Brazil

"With the new investments, we hope that more Brazilians visit Casino Iguazú"

One of the most important casino hotels on the border between Brazil and Argentina, the Casino Iguazú recently lived a weekend with great attractions in its new facilities after a renovation throughout the space of the casino. GMB talked to Gustavo Barcha, the company's player manager in Brazil, who commented about the days of celebration, the risk of investing in this moment of economic crisis, the importance of the Brazilian public and the plans to attract more visitors from the country.

GMB - It does not seem the ideal moment in Argentina, due to its economic crisis, to make an investment of such level. Why did the Group decide to carry out this reform at this considerable cost?
Gustavo Barcha – We, as part of the group HCI S.A. that includes the Casino Iguazú, believe in our business and we have a great experience in the market. It is not really the best moment that Argentina and Brazil are going through economically, but we decided that it would be the moment to make this great investment to continue being the main destination for the Brazilian, Argentine and Paraguayan public; and so we are up to date and at the forefront of the business.



Can you tell us details of the night of the reopening?
It was not just one night, but a whole weekend where we had our 25th anniversary and the reopening of the Iguazu Casino. We started hosting our guests on Thursday for all of this schedule, where we had a Roulette Tournament only for special guests with a prize of US$ 50,000 + a Panerai watch from the Casino to the champion; a Poker Tournament with a guaranteed prize of US$ 150,000 + a Panerai watch from the Casino's gift to the champion and we also had a Slots Tournament.



On Friday we had a dinner party to celebrate the 25 years of the Casino Iguazú, where we could reproduce a little of the great Colon Theater of Buenos Aires, with the presentation of the philharmonic and an opera show ... it was simply amazing, everyone was amazed. On Saturday we had the official night of reopening at Casino Iguazú, with the company’s president Mr. Nestor Engelsberg welcoming all the guests, opening the new Crown Bar inside the casino, which will be the best entertainment offer in the entire region. For the ribbon cut, Mr. Engelsberg called some special guests for the cut, accompanied by the Philharmonic of the Colon Theater and a beautiful firework show. It was incredible and shows how is Casino Iguazú and how we want to continue being the main destination of entertainment for its public.

The Group transformed the hotel into the Colon Theater, including the orchestra. A real luxury. How did the idea come about?
It really was a true luxury!!! One of the most beautiful shows we have ever had, all the guests were amazed and impressed by the performance of the orchestra, the opera show. An evening that will remain in memory for the next 25 years.

How was the renovation of the Hotel Casino Iguazú? What changes will players notice?
It is a "new" Iguazu Casino, we have reformed all the casino facilities. I prefer not to give too many details and take the opportunity to invite everyone to come and visit the Iguazu Casino!

Why did you call the Argentine architecture office Spodek for the reform?
They have been with us for many, many years. It is the best office of architecture and so we wanted to continue our history with them. We trust in their work.


Which guests and authorities participated in the event?
There were so many authorities and guests that I could not name everyone, and it would be rude to forget some of them. But, sure enough, there were many important people in the history of Casino Iguazú, for its 25 years and the next 25 ones.

Was there participation or presence of Brazilians on the night of re-opening?
Yes, most of our guests were from Brazil. The Brazilian public is our biggest audience at Casino Iguazú !!! And we hope that with all these investments, they continue to visit us and we also want the numbers to grow every day.


What is the casino planning for the second half of the year?
We will have a very important tournament grid, shows and gastronomic experiences. Our new Crown Bar will be the reference for entertainment throughout the region of Foz do Iguaçu, Puerto Iguazú and Ciudad Del Este.

Source: Exclusive Games Magazine Brasil