SÁB 14 DE DEZEMBRO DE 2019 - 13:09hs.
Augusto Coutinho

Brazilian Deputy introduces bill that obliges Caixa to disclose lottery winners names

Congressman Augusto Coutinho (Solidarity / PE) introduced Bill 4288/2019 amending Article 1 of Decree-Law No. 204, of February 27, 1967, to compel the Caixa Econômica Federal to disclose the names of the winners of lottery prizes from one million reais (US$ 253,000) . According to the text, the purpose of the action is to prevent money laundering and fraud of all kinds.

For the congressman, the latest millionaire prizes paid by lotteries, under the connivance of bank secrecy, with successive and even surprising accumulations, has brought great doubt to the population about the transparency of the draws.

The text explains that it contributes to this climate of distrust some measures taken to preserve, for example, the fiscal and banking secrecy of lottery winners. “This mechanism, although justified in a society where kidnappings are permanent, contributes to money laundering and fraud of all kinds,” says Coutinho.

“Therefore, nothing is more accurate and transparent than disclosing the names of lottery winners. Anonymity in this situation only adds to the doubts about the transparency of lottery contests,” he adds.

The disclosure could more easily trace the origin of the winner, along with his ties to people or groups that directly deal with the processing of this activity. Normally, the aim is to make the most transparent lottery system reliable.

Source: GMB