MAR 14 DE JULIO DE 2020 - 23:12hs.
This week, in Sydney

JCM Global brings Australia and Asia-Pacific expertise to AGE 2019

JCM Global has been serving customers in Australia and the APAC region for decades. Now on stand 372 at the Australian Gaming Expo, JCM will showcase leading products that increase security, efficiencies, and customer connections. Firm’s developments such as iVIZION, UBA bill validator, GEN5 thermal printer, ICB Intelligent Cash Box, among others, will be displayed this week during Sydney’s traditional event.

iVIZION features advanced CIS (Contact Image Sensor) technology and is the most secure bill validator in the global gaming industry. iVIZION protects operators by reading over 9.5 million data points on each note; capturing more than twice the data of the nearest competitor product. iVIZION’s powerful combination of optical sensors and mechanical security offers operator's unmatched levels of protection against counterfeiters and cheats, all at the industry’s highest acceptance rates.

JCM’s award-winning UBA bill validator is trusted by operators throughout Australia and the Asia-Pacific region, and its software is fully updated to accept new Australian notes.

Customers in Australia and around the world rely on JCM’s GEN5 Thermal Printer, a better, faster, smarter printing solution. It has an incredibly fast CPU and print speed, combined with the flexibility to print TITO and promotional tickets, as well as various wager tickets and templated promo coupons, empowering operators to communicate with customers.

JCM’s ICB Intelligent Cash Box with web reporting offers efficiencies and capabilities that no other cash box can. Because ICB provides real-time health monitoring data and predictive drop and maintenance scheduling, operators can dramatically increase operational efficiency.

Additionally, its ICB drop management capabilities are field-proven to save operators hundreds of thousands of dollars annually.

Source: GMB