SÁB 14 DE DEZEMBRO DE 2019 - 13:35hs.
Organized by Clarion Events

Witoldo Hendrich Jr. and Luiz Felipe Maia hosted webinar on betting affiliates in Brazil

Clarion Events, one of the world's leading event organizers, promoted on Tuesday (13th) the webinar ‘Breaking into Brazil: a guide for affiliates’. At this event, Luiz Felipe Maia, founding partner of FYMSA law firm, Witoldo Hendrich Júnior, lawyer specializing in tax and gambling regulation, and Florencia Brancato, Latin America manager at Pinnacle, spoke about business strategies with possible betting market regulation in Brazil.

The webinar was attended by over 120 people from various companies around the world. Among the subjects covered were the demographic aspect of sports betting in Brazil, gambler profile, internet and mobile infrastructure in Brazil, chances of success in a possible regulated market, and obstacles that can be faced, among others.

According to Maia, everyone was interested in learning more about the prospect of opening the market for sports betting. "Witoldo gave a great explanation of how payments in Brazil work and the difficulties of ticket compensation time, as well as the low penetration rate of credit cards. Florencia, in turn, provided valuable information on customer profiles and the importance of coordinated work between affiliates and operators," said Luiz Felipe Maia.



Witoldo Hendrich Júnior said he is very fond of the webinar format because he can bring more people together and reach a larger number of stakeholders who would have difficulty reconciling their agendas with the event. “I have been a tax professor for 15 years. Knowing that there are people wanting to hear about various subjects is a huge personal accomplishment. In addition, the networking that the event provides via social networks tends to create more value for our ‘personal brand.’”

Business expectation

Companies around the world are expecting the current political movements that intend to legalize betting sector in Brazil. But as it stands, there is little indication of how sports betting will be regulated, what level of tax will be applied, how many licenses will be available, etc., so you need to be prepared to strategize and profit from this sleeping giant of Latin America.

“Affiliates will have to adapt their way of working to the still uncertain regulatory requirements. They will have to be extra careful not to become part of the consumer chain, as they may suffer consumer actions throughout the operating area of ​​the operating companies, which may represent a relevant cost," said Maia.

Hendrich Júnior summed up everyone's expectations with the opening of the Brazilian betting market. “We will be a giant! No less than that! A giant of 200 million people!"

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Source: GMB