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Talk by Ricardo Magri in Bogotá

Sportradar mentions Brazilian clubs as an example for its sponsorship of bookmakers

Ricardo Magri, Sports Director of Sportradar, was present at recent 15th Latin American Congress of Sports Business Colombia that was held in Bogotá. The company is responsible for providing technology data on bets to FIFA, UEFA, NBA, Conmebol, FIA and NHL, among others. Magri said that teams in Colombia could find better ways to exploit this type of sponsorship and took Brazil clubs as an example.

The first thing that stood out is the way the bookmakers have invaded the market, claiming that in South America the coverage has increased 44% over the past five years. “The bets are not bad; they are a space of entertainment for users. Currently more than 600 companies contribute to dismantle illegal bets.” 

Sportradar’s manager said that the work that has been done in Colombia is very good, because in one season there are more than one million euros in bets in the two tournaments of the Eagle League (Liga Águila). “In Colombia there is a very good regulation. In countries like the United States they are taking as an example the model executed here.”

He enthusiastically affirmed that in Colombia the integrity pact will be signed in the next month, in which Dimayor will take important measures in order to avoid in the medium or long term the match-fixing coming from bets. This program will be directed so that all professional football competitions in the country have the greatest transparency from Sportradar.

The Brazilian businessmen stressed the importance of smartphones in this mode of entertainment and that constant monitoring by Sportradar has made the numbers grow every year. "The most satisfactory part of our work is finding fraudulent cases and being able to help clean the sport."

Finally, he commented that the football teams in Colombia could find better ways to exploit this type of sponsorship and that the operators be clean, taking as an example the clubs in Brazil, which not only display the sponsor in the shirt, but also compromise the bookmakers to help them in the multimedia sector.

Source: GMB