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Bruno Maia talked about deal with NetBet

Vasco da Gama marketing VP analyzed bookmaker sponsorship market

In an interview with Rodrigo Mattos's blog, Bruno Maia explains what strategies he used to achieve business partnerships after left the Caixa. For him, the bank did not have a sponsorship but a public policy. Without quasi-state support, Vasco and other clubs are left to deliver results to their sponsors to secure revenue. 'We have an agreement with NetBet in which fans convert to the base of Vasco and Vasco earn revenue on their results,' says Maia.

About the deal with NetBet, Maia explained that the betting company allows the club to have a variable income on top of results.

“Vasco has a fixed amount, and this is an additional variable that has the contract and if you can generate additional revenue you earn on that. There are other larger contracts in which you have a higher income delivery capacity, and you have a larger share based on that results. It has the minimum guarantee, and it will build on results,” said Maia.

Comparing this model of revenue generation by results with what was executed by Caixa, where the bank paid a fixed amount, Maia explained that today it is possible to achieve similar revenues to the old contracts with the state bank.

“Caixa is very different from startup banks that have an obligation to pay off. But you can earn so much more. Clubs have the ability to make this recipe. If you take what clubs earn, they are achievable values with results.”

According to Maia, bookmakers who come to Brazil to sponsor this club's revenue model will find a cultural problem where fans are still skeptical about whether money really returns to football.

“The fan is still very passionate and receives few benefits, this is also true. He does not have the certainty whether that money that is supposed to go to football finally really goes to football. What money is that I'm putting in BMG and going to Vasco when I see the club with financial difficulty?" he suspects. It is a long-term process,” he concluded.

In addition to the partnership with NetBet and Caixa leaving the football market, Maia also said that when taking over Vasco's marketing the biggest challenge was to resume advertising with companies that could invest, and stressed that football is an undervalued product that can still keep on growing.

“I think football is an undervalued product. It was said that it was overvalued because there was only one player paying, and it wasn't real. So much so, that not one came out and other came in. Its potential is much bigger,” concluded Maia.

Source: GMB / Vasco Notícias