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“We receive emails from businessmen interested in Brazil every day at AR Management”

AR Management, a software developer for sports and casino betting operators, looks forward to the regulation of the Brazilian market to start working in the country just as it already does successfully in Peru and other Latin American markets. In this exclusive interview for GMB, Stefano Arasi, firm’s account manager, talks about its clients' interest on investing Brazil, the company's plans and the impact of VAR on sports betting.

GMB - AR Management has always been a company that watches carefully what happens in Brazil. What opinion do you have about this moment in the country?
Stefano Arasi - AR Management always saw Brazil as a great market taking interest in being part of its business. Since 2019, we have actively started marketing activities in the country through participation in the BgC of Sao Paulo and sponsorship in Games Magazine Brasil.

Recently, the Brazilian government opened a consultation with companies from all over the international market to give their opinion on how the new regulation of sports betting should be. What would be the three main points that you would suggest?
Waiting for a definitive regulation to take place that contemplates the interests of the companies and the security of the punters, I would suggest the formation of a regulation that is not too restrictive to allow medium / large international and local companies to enter a sufficiently open market and without monopoly of the government or of a single company, as it happens in several countries of the world. Healthy competition between companies is an advantage for customers and is important for the development of any country's economy.

Do you think that the success of sports betting in Brazil will boost the process of legalization of other modalities of the gaming industry? Is there one that generates more interest in AR Management?
The main AR Management market at this moment is focused on sports betting, so we will be happy if the regulation comes out soon and we can start our activity. Obviously, the gaming industry is immense, so it would be interesting to regulate and legalize other forms of gaming such as online casinos and virtual games. Banning these forms of play fuels illegal gambling, which is why I think it would be safer and more profitable for the economy to legalize and control, thanks to regulations, several popular gaming modalities in the Brazilian society.

Has the number of inquiries of operators interested on developing projects in Brazil increased?
Every day we receive emails from people interested for a possible investment in Brazil. That is why I can assure that the number of entrepreneurs who want to invest and do good business in the country is going up a lot.

On a global level, how do you analyze the timing of sports betting in the world? Is there much more to grow or is it already near to reach its ceiling?
I think the sports betting market is well developed only in a few countries in the world. Throughout Latin America there is still a long way to go. This is the main reason for AR Management activity throughout the continent.

How does the implementation of the VAR (video assistant referee) in the main football international leagues and competitions affect the sports betting business? Are there possible problems that had to be considered?
The VAR changed football. As in all novelties there are pros and contras. I think the show has fallen in the matches with the VAR. There are more "dead times", waiting for VAR reviews for which the world of football was not accustomed. This is normal in other sports but for football it seems a bit odd. Obviously now there is more justice in the results, but I do not know if the public liked old football more with its arbitral errors. In the end, the history of these sports is full of arbitration errors that decided events of great importance. For bets the VAR generated some new market. You can bet, for example, if there will be revision or not in a match. I also think it affected live bets a bit, because there are several times when there is no possibility of betting due to the review.

In what events of the remaining agenda of 2019 will the company participate?
AR Management will be present at SAGSE 2019, a large event organized every year in Buenos Aires. I take this opportunity to invite everyone to our stand, visit us and learn about the activities of the company. The fair will be from November 20 to 22. We will wait for you at stand number 314b.

How do you evaluate the consolidation of AR Management products and services so far in 2019?
2019 has been another year dedicated to the Peruvian market, where AR Management is developing its direct operation with the TIMERBET brand. The company is satisfied with the activities carried out and continues to fulfill many more every day.

AR Management grows by leaps and bounds in Latin America. What are the next steps or ongoing projects?
One of the projects for the coming months or next year is undoubtedly the entry and development of the Brazilian market, and we also continue with more force in our activities in Peru and other countries in Latin America and Africa.

Source: Exclusive Games Magazine Brasil