LUN 18 DE ENERO DE 2021 - 04:34hs.
Another football team enters the scene

Brazilian club CSA joins eSports with CS: GO team

One of the most traditional teams in Brazilian football took its first step in eSports. CSA, from Alagoas, will have a team in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. It joins the long list of football and conventional sports teams that already invested or recently entered this increasingly popular activity, such as Vasco, Santos, Corinthians, Flamengo, Cruzeiro, Botafogo, among others.

With the rise of electronic sports in recent years, the entry of clubs from outside the environment has intensified. In addition, the arrival of important names has been crucial to give more solidity to the scenario, in addition to bringing a new audience.

The initiative to open an electronic division in the CSA came from the player Nicastro0.el, in partnership with the e-CSA coach, João Vilela. They presented the project to the sports manager of the Alagoas club, Max Mendes, who liked the idea. With the good reception, the team took shape and now it will have several championships to compete ahead.

In an interview with Globo Esporte, João Vilela commented that "the team was handpicked, in what we believe to be some of the best players in our state and in the Northeast," showing the importance that the region has in the Brazilian eSports scene.

The roster of e-CSA consists of:

Paulo “ShawN” Henrique

Guilherme “Guizeraa*” Porto

Mair “m4ir” Amaral

Felipe “Slipery” Andrade

Yuri “Emil” Fon

Igor “Nicastr0.el” Nicastro

João Vilela (coach)

Source: GMB / The Clutch