LUN 25 DE ENERO DE 2021 - 03:54hs.
After success

Leadstar Media launches second Brazilian platform “”

With the launch of the company’s second Brazilian platform,, online sports betting partner Leadstar Media has expanded its product range. The new platform, according to the company, would complement the current Brazilian brand in this market. Brazil has been one of Leadstar Media’s highest performing countries in H1, which has predicted more development potential in the LatAm jurisdiction.

CEO Eskil Kvarnström, talking more about the transfer, said: “The emerging Brazilian market offers great potential for us. We have the top sports betting affiliate site in Brazil today and it’s a segment that is constantly growing in the country. After the success we’ve experienced in Brazil so far, we decided to launch another product and expand our presence in the market.”

The newly launched site, according to Kvarnström, has a clear link to Brazil in everything from its logo to its colours and content. It was also written by the native Brazilian ex-pro footballer, Enrico Nazaré.

“Overall, is a classic SEO-driven lead generation site just as, but with a slightly different keyword focus. It has a stunning design that really makes you feel like you’ve come to the right place if you’re looking for Brazilian sportsbooks”, Kvarnström said.

As Brazilian top-flight football is played all winter, the CEO added that the launch comes at an interesting time for Leadstar Media, meaning that the market for betting will stay at high levels.

“Brazil isn’t as mature as some of the European markets we operate in, so it’s important to make the visitors feel at home and convey trust. That’s why we always merge both local and global expertise for our new products”, added Kvarnström.

He concluded: “We’re well aware that SEO takes time and that we need to constantly work on the site. However, we have a great structure in place and expect to send players to our partners before the domestic football season comes to an end. We are very excited to welcome visitors to our new site as soon as possible.”

Source: GMB