MIÉ 21 DE OCTUBRE DE 2020 - 10:48hs.
Following all measures to combat COVID-19

Poker is back: H2 Club São Paulo reopens following new protocols

After about seven months closed due to the pandemic caused by novel coronavirus, H2 São Paulo - the largest poker club in Latin America - reopened on Tuesday this week (13t). The establishment is following all measures to fight the disease, allowing competitors to play poker safely. Throughout the day, the atmosphere at the H2 Club São Paulo lounge was one of relaxation among the competitors.

“I thought the quarantine would take less time. I was ready for three months and after that I started to feel bad about the situation. And now, with the reopening of the club, I could see how happy I was to be here every day. I will certainly always come and give much more value to all this,” celebrated Bahia's poker star Guilherme Chenaud.

To return to business, all employees of H2 Club São Paulo received specific training for the adoption of technical procedures for the safety and protection of players, thus preventing the proliferation of the virus.

“The game never stops here at H2. This became even a slogan of ours. But I think the pandemic was our biggest bad beat: the game stopped. We know that most people continued to play online, and this is very cool, but in fact H2 was missed by everyone. So this reopening is special for us and obviously for the competitors too,” said Ueltom Lima, CEO of Grupo H2.

“I couldn't help showing how happy we are with the reopening of H2, which was possible after São Paulo entered the green phase of easing the economic plan. What a happiness to meet people again, to hear the sounds of the cards, etc., but always remembering the importance of maintaining care to help in the fight against COVID-19,” stated João Marcelo, H2 director.

To welcome players, H2 São Paulo set up a special tournament grid. In the High Roller, the highlight was William Pinheiro who overcame a field of 90 actions to win the title, beating Affif Prado, one of the main names in Brazilian poker, in the heads-up. In the Restart tournament, the best was Rafael Cohen, who overcame a field of 230 actions to take the title.

H2 is operating at 60% of its capacity and with reduced schedule, being open from 1 pm to 10 pm, every day, from Monday to Sunday. The use of a mask, in addition to the distance between players, is mandatory within the entire club. The decks and cards are cleaned at all times.

With the announcement that the city of São Paulo entered the green phase of the pandemic, the City Hall authorized the reopening of museums, cinemas, shows and theaters. The club, which has been closed for about 7 months due to the pandemic, returns with much news.

“Poker has suffered in recent months with clubs closed and major events canceled. We are very happy and eager to reopen the doors of H2 for our players. We know that the coronavirus still exists and, therefore, we will continue to be extremely active and concerned with fighting the disease, but with great joy to hear the noise of the chips on the club tables again,” says Ueltom Lima.

Source: Superpoker