MIÉ 21 DE OCTUBRE DE 2020 - 10:34hs.
Fight against breast cancer in ‘Outubro Rosa’

Betmotion exceeds fundraising expectations in solidarity campaign in Brazil

In the month of breast cancer awareness, the Betmotion community triggers the pink light to prevent the disease, which if diagnosed early has great chances of cure. Between the 5th and the 11th of October, the Betmotion Community exceeded - and much - the goal of R$5,000 per week for the RECOMEÇAR project. The amount reached in the week was almost double: R$9,871. 'Congratulations to everyone who has collaborated with the campaign so far!!!', expressed the bookmaker on its networks.

During the period, Betmotion joined forces with RECOMEÇAR - Association of Mastectomized Women in Brasilia. The institution offers emotional, physical and aesthetic assistance to women who have had their breasts removed as a result of treatment for breast cancer.

“Betmotion is just gratitude! We believe that we can always achieve higher flights if there is a conscious collaboration and above all surrounded by empathy. To the customers who collaborated with this action, our thanks!”, expresses the website.

In the first solidarity week, a donation was made to RECOMEÇAR, which exceeded the initially proposed amount and reached close to R$10,000.

In this second week, the company will maintain its partnership with RECOMEÇAR to further strengthen the link with the institution and its intention is to overcome the initial goal again, so that this partnership continues to take even more necessary assistance to all patients.

The campaign

Upon completing R$50 in wagering on selected slots, the user will donate a one-time value of R$50 for the promotional week.

The bets on selected bingo games also count. From 7pm to 8pm, the Bingo Mania room will donate the value of the bets to the project.

Every week, the company will have the goal of R$5,000 in bets on selected slots and solidarity bingo games.

The amount collected will be donated, weekly, to a social institution, on behalf of the Betmotion community.

How to participate

- Scheduling cards for the Bingo Mania room, from 7 pm to 8 pm.

- Betting on participating slots.

- With cash bets, users will already be contributing to the project.

The company proposes that if an institution that works to prevent and fight breast cancer and wants to receive a donation during the month of October, it should send an email to [email protected] and Betmotion will contact it.

Source: GMB

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O Betmotion é só gratidão! 🙏 🎀 Nós acreditamos que podemos sempre alcançar voos mais altos se houver uma colaboração consciente e acima de tudo rodeada de empatia. Aos clientes que colaboraram com esta ação, nosso muito obrigado! Na nossa primeira semana solidária, foi realizada a doação para a @recomecar_associacao_ - Associação Recomeçar. Superamos o valor proposto inicialmente e atingimos mais e R$9.000,00! Nesta segunda semana, manteremos nossa parceria com a Recomeçar para reforçarmos ainda mais o elo com a Instituição e nosso intuito é superarmos novamente nossa meta inicial, para que assim essa parceria prossiga levando ainda mais a assistência necessária à todos as pacientes. Vamos nessa? Apostando nos jogos selecionados, você automaticamente contribui com esta luta. Muito simples participar: 🎀 Agende cartelas para a sala Bingo Mania, de 19h às 20h. 🎀 Aposte nos Slots participantes. Saiba mais sobre o projeto clicando no link em nosso story! E nesta mobilização, vamos juntos fazer a nossa parte!

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