LUN 18 DE ENERO DE 2021 - 04:26hs.
This Friday (9), at 4 pm

New “The Law of Gaming” webinar will address urban planning and legislation

This Friday, October 9, will take place the second meeting of “The Law of Gaming” webinars, organized by the Higher School of Law of Espírito Santo. The purpose of the event is to present to lawyers and other legal professionals the importance of regulating the activity in Brazil. In the first webinar, GMB’s journalist Gildo Mazza spoke about what the gaming industry expects in relation to a perennial legislation to develop the activity.

Luiz Henrique Alochio, specialist in municipal law and federal advisor to the OAB (Brazilian Bar Association), is the coordinator of the debate cycle that is better exploring the legal aspects of the gaming sector so that the law community is in tune with the current situation in the sector. "We need to analyze the bills, the issue of banning games in Brazil and understand the basic concepts of the projects under discussion in the National Congress", he says.

Next Friday, October 9, urban planning for the new activity, the development of the sector and the basic concepts of gaming legislation in the United States will be under discussion.

The first topic will be in charge of Daniela Campos Libório, federal counselor of OAB-SP and president of the Urban Law Commission of the Federal Council of OAB, who will speak about the insertion of gambling activity in urban planning with the implantation of casinos in Brazil.

Maria Luiza Kurban Jobim, TJRS legal advisor, will speak about the development of the gaming sector and the regulatory perspectives based on the problematic case of bingos in Brazil. The event ends with Raphael Coelho, lawyer and consultant, who will bring his experience on the basic concepts of gaming law in the United States.

To register for the second meeting of “The Law of Gaming” - The regulation of gaming in comparative law and in Brazil: Draft laws, challenges and perspectives”, click here .

Source: GMB