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"The factor that most impacts the lottery market in Brazil is the value of the prize"

In this column signed by entrepreneur and lottery specialist Marco Taurisano exclusively for GMB, he talks about the items that most influence the success (or not) of the lottery industry in Brazil. Taurisano reflects on a ranking the factors that most affect the market. Unlike what many people think, the country's economy is not the most relevant item on this list.

Contrary to what most people think, the lottery market is not so sensitive to economic factors. I would even say that economic factors, in some cases and / or regions, even improve results.

In my opinion, this is due to two main factors:

1) Loyal and mostly the same public.

2) The fact that the lottery market is linked to making dreams come true.

Speaking a little more about item 1, the lottery market in Brazil, with regard to collection, is little dependent on the "loose" gambler. In Brazil, in general, the population is polarized between:

- Gamblers, that is, people who periodically place their bets.

- Those who "don't know" or "never heard of". Undoubtedly, this is exactly where the great opportunities that exist in this lottery sector in Brazil live. I am not referring to the ignorance of the existence of lotteries, but rather to the ignorance of how to play and the rules.

To highlight this information, we can use as a reference the current pandemic moment and the very high unemployment rate that are plaguing our country where the lottery collection initially felt the impact, but is already very close to the normal numbers, and even breaking some records, such as for example at ‘Lotofácil de Independência’, whose collection was the largest in the history of the modality.

After all, what are the main factors that most impact the Lottery Market in Brazil?

Below is the ranking of these factors:









In addition to economic factors, another item that goes against the majority's thinking is "Advertising and Marketing”, which has its importance, but occupies only the fifth position in the ranking of 8 factors.

It is important to say that these factors can affect the lottery market for good or for bad ... They affect the market both positively and negatively.

In order to be a little clearer, I clarify that:

1. JACKPOT: It is the estimated payment for the main prize of each lottery or modality.

2. DEGREE OF DIFFICULTY: Degree of difficulty in understanding the rules and the "how" is played in each lottery or modality.

3. AWARD BANDS: We could also call this item "Degree of Fun". Yes! Exactly because the more award ranges, the more people awarded and consequently the more fun the product is.

4. FEEDBACK: These are the amounts paid in awards that return to the system. Very common to occur in smaller prizes. In more mature markets (outside Brazil) this item reaches levels of 20% and in Brazil it is estimated that it does not reach 1.5% of prizes that return to the system.

5. ADVERTISING AND MARKETING: This is about product promotion. But in this item I would like to point out that the most efficient vehicle is radio and social networks, and not TV as most people might think. In addition, in order to obtain a greater and faster return, this item needs to focus on "product presentation" and / or "teaching how to play".

6. CREDIBILITY AND TRANSPARENCY: Of course, this topic is important and should always be preserved even for the sake of survival. Any initiative in this item is always an investment, mainly equipment and technology.

7. PRODUCT WEAR: This is closely related to the life cycle of any product or service. To minimize the effect of this item there is only one way out, the periodic revitalization of the products offered on the market. This is taken very seriously worldwide. Many know the worldwide success of Powerball and Euromillions, right? And I guarantee you that the products sold today are almost unrecognizable when compared to their first version launched on the market.

8. ECONOMIC FACTORS: We have already talked about this "flashlight" topic in this ranking, but in summary it is an important factor. But an importance that occupies the 8th place.

Now that we understand this ranking a little better, I would like to invite you, reader ...

In fact, I would like to invite you to reflect: Of all the items mentioned in the ranking above, do you realized that the only thing that occurs at random and does not depend on good management of the lottery market is precisely the item "8. ECONOMIC FACTORS” Is that why it is the most talked about?

Finally, I would like to comment on topic 7, as it is very well worked out around the world with the famous product revitalizations, an item really little explored in the Brazilian market.


Marco Taurisano

Graduated in Mathematics and Statistics. Specialist and Lecturer in the Lottery Market and Entrepreneur with two StartUps also focused on the sector.