MAR 24 DE NOVIEMBRE DE 2020 - 05:49hs.
Victor Acosta, Marketing Manager at LatAm

“Brazil is very important for Gamble City and we are considering sponsoring local football”

Gambling site Gamble City has been online for 13 years in countries in Asia, Europe and the USA. This year, they decided to head into the growing South American betting market. In June, they started their services in Argentina and are now present in Brazil. “We hired native employees to do research and a study on the local market and have been working hard to optimize the deposit and withdrawal system in Brazil,” revealed firm's Marketing Manager for LatAm, Victor Acosta, in an exclusive interview with GMB.

GMB - Gamble City became available in Brazil recently. How has the business been implemented here? Has it had a good feedback from the public?
Victor Acosta -
Gamble City has been operating in Korea, Japan, China, the United States and Europe for over 13 years. We are interested in the South American market with broad business potential and have observed it with great interest for several years. In particular, Brazil was considered the largest market in South America and a very important one for us. So, to understand the South American market, instead of entering Brazil first, we started a complete service for South America in Argentina in June this year. After that, we started in Brazil, the second service in the region.

As we began our operations recently, we are watching the Brazilian market closely. Users are satisfied with our services, and we expect great growth in the near future. For the next steps, we plan to expand our service area to all of South America, including Uruguay, Paraguay, Peru, Bolivia and Mexico.

What process did you go through to be able to implement Gamble City in Brazil?
Gamble City is an internationally licensed website and we offer sports betting, online casino and slot machines, which have already been verified internationally. We have been working hard to optimize the deposit and withdrawal system in Brazil, we consulted several payment companies so that Brazilian users can play without problems. In addition, unlike other websites, our agents are doing their best to ensure that users have no problems enjoying the game through live chat advice 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

How many games are available to the Brazilian public?
In Brazil, you can enjoy all the games that Gamble City offers. In the case of sports betting, you can bet on matches in the Brazilian Championship and around the world as well, such as football, baseball, basketball, and tennis. In the case of live casinos, more than 110 online casinos are provided, such as Evolution, Betconstruct, Ptsl, virtual races such as football, horse, dog and car races, more than 300 slot games and games such as Margin of FX exchange.

Did you do any kind of research to better understand the Brazilian player? How would you define him?
Although they are from the same continent, there is a clear difference in preferences between Argentine and Brazilian users. To understand these things, we hired Brazilian employees to do a lot of research and studies on the Brazilian market, and we are still doing that. Argentine users are more fond of slot machines, followed by online casinos and sports betting, while Brazilians are more interested in sports betting, as is to be expected in the country of football.


What promotions have you launched to attract the bettor?
We currently offer reload bonuses. We offer up to R$3700 for casinos, and for sports betting up to R$400, and we are preparing welcome bonuses and several promotions in the future.

Gamble City advertises on LEDs during Real Madrid games. Do you intend to make this type of announcement in the Brazilian championships?
Gamble City has several sponsors to promote sports and online gambling sites. Last year, at Ronaldo's game at Juventus in Korea, and in September this year at Alemão Holstein. Now, as the official sponsor of Real Madrid in Spain, Gamble City appears on LED displays in the game at club’s stadium. This year, we have already signed a sponsorship agreement with Real Madrid, and for the Brazilian Football League we are also very interested and evaluating positively.

What plans do you have for promoting the brand in Brazil in 2021?
This year is the beginning of entry into Brazil and we have several marketing plans. First of all, we are paying close attention to the brand exposure to publicize the name of Gamble City and, as we arrived later in the Brazilian market, we are preparing several events and promotions for Brazilian users.
In addition, we will do our best to provide the best service through a 24-hour call center, 365 days a year, and quick deposits and withdrawals so that users can enjoy Gamble City without any inconvenience.

Source: Exclusive GMB