MAR 24 DE NOVIEMBRE DE 2020 - 06:20hs.
Standard strategy for all markets

Codere redoubles its commitment to responsability

Codere has updated its Corporate Social Responsibility and Responsible Gaming Plan, with the aim of unifying actions in the different markets and promoting them through a strategic project, with which it aspires to improve its response to the expectations and social concerns regarding the industry. “Codere continues to evolve in dialogue with the market, responding to its demands based on its pillars of integrity and transparency,” says the CEO of Grupo Codere, Vicente Di Loreto.

The company has carried out a meticulous listening and analysis exercise of the perspectives and demands of its different interest groups, to prioritize them and define positions and guidelines for action, in its desire to give an optimal response to the market and minimize any adverse effect that its activity may have on society.

Codere continues to evolve in dialogue with the market, responding to its demands based on its pillars of integrity and transparency. Our goal as a company is to create value, sustainable and responsible. To do this, we must connect with the expectations of our audiences, and include their interest in the best possible way in our processes,” says the CEO of Grupo Codere, Vicente Di Loreto.

With this CSR Plan, we are taking a further step in our responsible management with the aim of mitigating the main social concerns regarding the industry and being leaders in promoting responsible gaming,” Di Loreto added.

In order to detect the concerns regarding the gaming industry of its main stakeholders, and give them a global response, the company set up an Institutional Relations Committee headed by the CEO of Grupo Codere, and made up of the first level of management. This committee, which will now be in charge of the implementation and monitoring of the plan, has carried out an exhaustive analysis over the last year, detecting the following issues as priorities and establishing its position and action plan:

- Advertising regulation

- Planning of gambling venues

- Control of access to the game

- Management of vulnerable groups

The company's responsible gaming program is structured based on the pillars of prevention, awareness, detection and management of risky behavior.

Our sector makes an important social contribution in terms of job creation and tax contributions to the public coffers. The data on the incidence of risky behaviors show that there is not a generalized social problem in relation to the activity; while the figures on demand reflect that there has been no growth in recent years, but rather a transformation of consumer preferences in some markets, as may be the case in recent years of a greater preference for sports betting or gambling online”, explains Bernardo Chena, regional manager of Codere Latam (excl. Mexico).

Alejandro Pascual, regional manager of Codere Europe, adds that, “despite the contribution of this sector, its overexposure due to both an increased advertising activity and the public discourse, have contributed to generating a negative social perception, without a scientific base, that we must mitigate from the industry. We need to continue working in the implementation of best responsible gaming practices and giving visibility to what we do and what we are; a highly regulated, responsible industry that attends to the entertainment needs of its customers.”

Source: GMB