MAR 24 DE NOVIEMBRE DE 2020 - 17:39hs.
The measure has already entered into force

Brazil’s Central Bank authorizes payment of Mega Sena and lottery bets with Pix system

The Central Bank (BC) authorized on Thursday (19), that the lottery games can be paid by Pix, a new Brazilian system of instant payments. The measure has already entered into force. For this, the lottery accounts were included in the list of qualifiers in the system. 'From now on, whenever the customer wants to pay for a lottery game, he will have Pix as a payment option for Sena games, sports lottery and the like,' said the BC, in a note.

The novelty meets the market demand that requested the integration of lottery companies into Pix as permission holders of Caixa Econômica Federal.

"The new features of Pix show the multipurpose character of the payment method. This means that it must be able to accommodate all types of retail transactions, involving people, companies, and the government. Recently, the BC approved the extension of Pix for collection FGTS and for the accounts of the institutions themselves", the entity added.

The monetary authority also exempted a fine from Pix member institutions for six months for adjustments to the platform. According to the BC, these are occasional adjustments.

"Although Pix is working fully, some occasional adjustments may be necessary in order to improve the user experience. As these adjustments are normal for a system of Pix's complexity and magnitude, certain notes may not be configured as infractions", claimed the monetary authority.

The institutions will be exempt from the imposition of a fine between November 3, 2020 and May 15, 2021, "as long as the institution timely adapts its performance and takes the necessary measures to avoid recurrence of the appointment."

"The repeated commitment of conduct subject to penalty will be punished normally, in the form of the Pix regulation and the penalties manual," the BC concluded.

Source: GMB/Folhapress