MAR 24 DE NOVIEMBRE DE 2020 - 18:11hs.
Expansion of the bookmaker in Brazil

Marjosports becomes newest sponsor of Sport Clube Gaúcho

Sport Clube Gaúcho presented Marjosports as a team sponsor. The company is one of the main players in the sports betting market in Latin America and is taking a step forward in terms of expansion in the southern region of the country with the presence of the brand on the “Alviverde” jersey in the next season. The brand already sponsors other Serie A clubs in the Brazilian Championship.

The president of Gaúcho, Augusto Ricardo Ghion Júnior, together with Wagner Valmir Menezes Rufino, manager of Marjosports, presented the new partnership: “It is to associate the brand name with our jersey, one of the most traditional clubs in the state, which is part of a project of credibility and expansion of the company.”

He also emphasized the importance of the partnership between Sport Clube Gaúcho and Marjosports leaving the club with more hope at the end of a so atypical 2020, without football during the year.


"We see ourselves hopeful for 2021, knowing that there are companies that believe in our project, in our management, in the humility of our club, we are going together for a very promising year," added Guto Ghion.

Recently, Marjosports entered into a partnership to be able to appear on the pitch LEDs until the end of the Spanish championship in all Barcelona matches away from home, and currently the brand also has relationships with many artists, in addition to being present in the shirt of Goiás.

Also, according to Ghion, the partnership is of paramount importance. The new sponsor brings hope for 2021, as companies believe in the project, management, and humility of the club.  

According to the representative of Marjosports, the company is expanding in Brazil and already invests a lot in the country's football. The company saw in Gaúcho de Passo Fundo the opportunity to enter the Rio Grande do Sul market and take the club’s fans to the world of sports betting.

Source: GMB