MIÉ 23 DE SEPTIEMBRE DE 2020 - 16:10hs.
He criticized Chamber and press sectors

Deputy Bacelar warns about risk of gambling monopoly in favor of casinos in Brazil

The coordinator of the Mixed Parliamentary Front for the Approval of the Regulatory Framework for Gaming in Brazil, federal deputy Bacelar (Pode-BA), alerted his colleagues, this Wednesday (12th), about the risk of creating a monopoly of casinos in Brazil, by allowing only this type of gambling. “I have noticed that the movement is to legalize only three casinos. We cannot let that happen,” he stated.

According to the deputy, sectors of the Chamber and the press were articulating for the implementation of integrated casino resorts in the country, which would be managed by large American corporations.

”I have noticed that the movement is to legalize only three casinos. They want to hand over the monopoly of gambling in Brazil to investors in the United States and push the unregulated market into criminal structures, which would be absurd. We cannot let that happen,” he declared.

Bacelar cited studies that point to a movement of R$ 60 billion (U$ 13.8bn) a year in Brazil, involving casinos, local popular jogo do bicho, slots and online betting, with public coffers failing to collect more than R$ 20 billion (US$ 4.6bn).

Legalization would remove the activity from hiding, with the guarantee of collecting and generating thousands of jobs. “We are losing money. These billions could be invested in education, health and public security. In addition to taxes, legalization can create more jobs and increase tourism. We cannot close our eyes to this.”

Source: GMB