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Thomas Golding, CEO of OGaming

“Brazil is synonymous with sport and that presents huge opportunities for betting operators”

After secured a solid position in the European market, sports betting start-up OGaming launched BetGold in late January in Brazil and India. Thomas Golding, CEO of the company, was interviewed by iGamingTimes and talked about the presence of the firm in South America’s giant. “Brazil is a hugely exciting market with great potential, but also comes with its challenges,” commented Golding.

When asked about the first stpes of the company, Golding commented: “OGaming was born out of London in 2018 and fast forward nearly two years now, we have offices and over 30 full-time staff based in Malta, the UK and other locations right across the world. We launched EagleBet in to numerous European markets late in 2019 and we are thrilled with the start we have seen.”

“We are continually adding to our product portfolio and have exciting plans this year, particularly around Euro 2020. In addition, we plan to expand into a number of different territories. BetGold launched in late January and our third brand, LasVegasCasino.com is set to launch in March 2020,” he added.

One of the firm’s key developments is BetGold, and Golding explains in details why he considers it is something different in the market. “It will feature a market-leading sportsbook solution, a virtual offering alongside a huge range of casino and slot games from the major games providers. We will be working with games providers to build games specifically for our customers in different markets. We are very much an international company with a data-driven and technology first approach but we have invested significant time and energy in understanding these markets. We have teams in both Brazil and India who bring in a cultural perspective that is often lacking when operators scale and the offering becomes very generic.”

The company recently launched its product in Brazil and also in India. Regarding the reasons for landing in Brazil, he comments that “the country has a market with huge potential. There are so many marketing initiatives that haven’t yet or are only just being introduced to Brazil that are commonplace in Europe, which is hugely exciting but it is a market that comes with its challenges.”

“Brazil is a nation that is synonymous with sport and it is ingrained within the culture and that inevitable presents huge opportunities for betting operators,” Golding concludes.

Source: iGamingTimes