VIE 10 DE ABRIL DE 2020 - 16:23hs.

Italian operators receive tax break as part of government’s economic relief package

Italy is one of the countries that is suffering the coronavirus-generated epidemic the most, even exceeding the number of deaths registered in China. As the country's health system struggles to prevent more deaths and care for all sicks, President Sergio Mattarella has signed an economic package to relieve individuals and businesses affected by COVID-19, including the gaming industry.

The “Curia Italia” package will allow a number of sectors, including the country’s land-based gaming industry to benefit from the delayed payment of taxes and licence fees until the end of May. This also applies to Bingo operators and Video Lottery Terminals.

Despite an uptick in online activity, a number of operators have been hard hit by the retail shutdown.

In an update, Playtech said: “Playtech’s Poker and Bingo businesses have seen increases in activity in recent days following the restrictions on physical movement put in place by various governments. The Company believes there is a risk that player behaviour changes the longer the COVID-19 situation continues.”

“Playtech’s facility in the Philippines has been closed with traffic being redirected to other facilities. While its facilities in Riga and other locations currently remain operational, there is a risk that these facilities will need to close in the future,” Playtech added.

Source: GMB